At CareerCombo, our goal is to pair you with professions that merge your many interests. We believe that most careers are just as diverse as you are. So why settle for positions that involve just one (or none) of your passions? And if you've already got a job - why not discover all the career possibilities that could use your unique expertise?

Wherever you are in the career market, CareerCombo is a space for you to mix and match the fields you love, and discover the occupations that bring them together.


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Amyra Asamoah

Founder and CEO

Amyra's job is to keep this show on the road. Both a creative and an analyst, a suburbanite and a city lover, a Ghanaian and an American - she enjoys living life at the intersection of many worlds. Her goal in founding CareerCombo is to help others do the same.

Amyra's ideal CareerCombo: Tech, International Affairs, and City and Urban Planning

Candice Liu

Lead Data Architect

Candice's job is to interpret and implement ideas from data, and ultimately to guide the product design from the perspective of data analysis. She has a fact-based mind but also loves brainstorming and the feeling of catching flashes of brilliant ideas. Her goal in co-founding CareerCombo is to build a community for people with diverse interests and experiences.

Candice's ideal CareerCombo: Tech, Entrepreneurship, Data Science, and Consulting

Sean Dietrich

Business Strategist and Outreach Advisor

Sean's mission is to challenge the team to think broadly, generate groundbreaking ideas and put those ideas into actionable objectives. He’s a curious student inside and outside of traditional educational settings, and an engineer driving for continuous improvement. His goal in co-founding CareerCombo is to help people answer t he age old question of what they want to be when they grow up.

Sean's ideal CareerCombo: Automotives, Management, Engineering and Product Design

Gene Barsukov

Lead Web Developer

Gene is responsible for coding and adding new features to the CareerCombo site. He comes from a diverse background of science and engineering. He is passionate about developing creative and useful applications that add value to the user, as well as creating simple, intuitive and streamlined UI’s.

Gene's ideal CareerCombo: Tech, Computer Science, Automotives, and Graphic Design


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If you’ve got a question about CareerCombo as a whole, suggestions for fields to include on the dropdown list, or inquiries about your specific profile, please feel free to reach out to us with a message at query@careercombo.com, and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can!